Rowenna Moffat was born, along with the new century, in Wishbone Hollow, an Arkansas village near the town of Eureka Springs.   From a young age she loved books, and at age  1 1/2 she had eaten her way to page seven of her little book when she saw the pictures of horse and cows.  Then she was hooked.

Being the thirteenth kid has its plusses and minuses, and one of the plusses was the freedom available for a child of that era.  It was also a time movement within the American Red Cross, because of the restlessness in Europe, but no one wanted to think about was... being so soon over the war between the states. It was incredible to think how this concerned a teenage girl in Arkansas, but Rewenna knew of God's assignment to His angels (Psalms 91:11) otherwise how could have been brave enough to follow the path assigned to her? 

This text of this book, 'Thirteenth Kid... Lucky or Unlucky' is 'book one' of the trilogy and the complete text is available free for the download for a limited time.  Go to and click on 'free samples'.