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The story of a girl from 1895 New York Society.  A Christmas Eve house fire tossed the girl and a younger brother into the prairie to a tiny town in desperate need of what that girl could give.  Would she be willing?  That, and the four following books, brings the Oklahoma prairie to World War I attention as the ‘Broomtick and Canvas’ aircraft decide the outcome of that conflict.  Find the five books on

Free Samples from

These samples are written in the dialect of the era and a Midwestern location, and are offered on a variety of subjects, Twixt the Road and the River' being one of them.  Read the book in its entirety with text identical to the paperback and affordable ebook advertised in this library.  For a limited time, these free samples are offered as an immediate download.  Just go to website and select 'free samples' then make your choice for a time-travel into America's past.



Written in the dialect of the era, this group of stories from the Midwest is offered in a variety of subjects, "Twixt the Road and the River' being one of them.  Young Amy Catherine was a 'modern' of her time in turn-of-the-century Arkansas.  Being the fifth child after four boys, she was more or less turned over to her grandmother to raise.  Her 'Gran' could not be happier, and proceeded to make a special quilt to remind the girl, after she was gone, of her duty as laid out by the wisest man in the last of Proverbs 31.  Pictures, hand-drawn by the girl were transferred to the quilt in embroidery as a constant and permanent reminder.

Gran also had opinions as to the right choice of a mate, and Johnny, from across the hollow, would like to be the one chosen.  He would love to help Amy Catherine if he could just figure out how she wanted to be helped.  Johnny, however, came into his own when something that belonged to Amy Catherine was threatened by the rushing Tuscalara River.  He bravely took it upon himself to save it for her even if it took a battle against the Mississippi Central Railway as well as the water.

As a limited-time introductory gift to this series, this adventure is offered as an immediate download, complete with text full length and identical to that in the paperback or ebook advertised in the Historical Fiction Library.  Just go to and select 'free samples'.  Choose among this story, or several others, and take a quick trip into the settling of America.

Free sample from "The Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow'

Rowenna Moffat was born, along with the new century, in Wishbone Hollow, an Arkansas village near the town of Eureka Springs.   From a young age she loved books, and at age  1 1/2 she had eaten her way to page seven of her little book when she saw the pictures of horse and cows.  Then she was hooked.

Being the thirteenth kid has its plusses and minuses, and one of the plusses was the freedom available for a child of that era.  It was also a time movement within the American Red Cross, because of the restlessness in Europe, but no one wanted to think about was... being so soon over the war between the states. It was incredible to think how this concerned a teenage girl in Arkansas, but Rewenna knew of God's assignment to His angels (Psalms 91:11) otherwise how could have been brave enough to follow the path assigned to her? 

This text of this book, 'Thirteenth Kid... Lucky or Unlucky' is 'book one' of the trilogy and the complete text is available free for the download for a limited time.  Go to and click on 'free samples'.   

Momma from Ward's Catalog

The Montgomery Wards catalog of 1900 offered everything from shoes to live chickens... from windmills to complete houses to be shipped and built on site.  When the new catalog arrived, the old one was still valuable and was relegated to the privy out back.  

So when the children needed a new Momma, where else would Dad look but in the catalog  The story is available at in paperback or affordable ebook for immediate download.

The 'real' Hatfield & McCoy feud.

 A free account of the Hatfield & McCoy feud continues in  Alas!  The feud has followed the two families halfway across the country.  Young Vangie Hatfield would undoubtedly be involved in a showdown at some time, and would surely loose but was determined to inflict damage on the way down!  When the time came, she bravely shouldered her shotgun and stepped bravely into the misty darkness of the mountain top.  The sound she had heard was still there and she kept going......

 Go to the website and click on 'free samples for a complete account.  Immediate download of the whole text, identical to the paperback and ebook versionsl   

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