Joann Ellen Sisco
Joann, like so many of her generation, was and is a voracious reader.  All of that started before the internet, but the typewriter (RC Royal, manual with icky black ribbon) had been invented by that time.  Transportation may not have been great, but books could take a reader anywhere at any time.
For some fortunate persons, there would be an older person still around who was full of stories, and Joann was one of those.  She had a lively, talkative grandmother who enjoyed people and loved to talk about how things were in the “olden days”, back when one existed with the way things were.  It could mean that one must live, temporarily, in a soddy on the Kansas plains or among the limestone ledges of Missouri.  Or maybe the tree-clad mountains of Arkansas and even the eye-teasing, rolling landscape of Oklahoma.  Hence, a love was born for the history of the midwest.
It was fortunate that the pencil had also been invented, and was fairly available during those earlier years.  Even though the lead must be sharpened with a kitchen paring knife.  Carefully…not to break the lead.
It became such fun to write about what might have happened before everything became so easily available.  There were the difficulties of just existing, the wonders of personal relationships and coming up with inventive ways of ‘make do’ to overcome obstacles.
And personalities.  Those little quirks that are born into, and acquired, and that make individuals unique.  As she became older, these became more interesting and appeared in the 8 book series, WAR EAGLE RIVER VALLEY, and a few more to come.
The companion books of AT HOME IN RIVER BEND may be joining the MOUNTAIN MEMORIES in a short time.  There were so many stories. Families had to be strong and take care of themselves and also take care of others who were unable to. 
Later, the plains of Oklahoma came in for their share of the stories, and they can be found in PRAIRIE PENPRINTS.COM.
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"My Mountain Memories"
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